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Communication is vital to a business. From connecting with customers to talking with partners, being sure you have have a trustworthy brand image is instrumental to success.

why you need a personal business email

Build Trust With Customers

If we define business as a commercial transaction between two or more people, then good communication becomes an axiomatic point for success. Today, a substantial amount of communication is dependant on email and newsletters, and with the internet in its primacy your online image greatly depends on having a professionally customised email address. 

The way you present your brand dictates whether or not clients and partners will be trusting enough to put their money and time into your pockets. Just as a salesperson who comes dressed in a lousy outfit can hardly expect any respect, a businessman with a default email will too fail to impress his prospects. The keynote of a custom email is that it sends a message to the reader that you are from a well established brand. Although you dont consciously acknowledge it when you see a customised email, subconsciously the mind is analysing every intricate detail and placing it on a scale of trust.

A custom email also increases your open rate. Seeing an email from hardly sparks any reason to open it. Even then, you’re likely unfamiliar with John Smith or his occupation and are left with yet again little reason to read on. On the contrary, introduce a personalised email like and his purpose for writing suddenly becomes clear. The reader, recognising Anglia Gardening, now understands who John Smith is and better yet has a reason to open and respond.

If you’re serious about business you’ll know that communication efforts go beyond simple mouth-to-mouth conversation. Chances are, you may have a business card, a newsletter, contact forms, in some cases, a business’s entire model will rely on email responses. Whatever the case, showing that you come from a credible background is instrumental to the attitudes your receive. When you use your own email, what might seem like a small gesture is actually a sign that you’ve spent the time to establish a brand. Anybody can create a free gmail account – and you’re not anybody.

What is a business email address?

When setting up an email address, most people flock to free services like gmail, hotmail and yahoo. While that does give them free and easy service, it comes at a number of losses. For first, most popular email hosting platforms have become over populated meaning that most address names are taken. Consequently, getting a new email usually requires including some numbers like For a professional, this looks too cheap and creates the image that you are unestablished. Moreover, the email you select ends with the domain of its provider, like or – an appearance that completely lacks independence and business credibility. 

A personalised email address on the contrary is an email address that uses your website’s domain name. If your website is then your email could be Unifying your personal name with your website domain shows viewers that you are official and reliable, something completely absent with a generic email like which could be created by anyone.

For the business trying to expand its customer service, emails beginning with contact, support, help, info and sales can help compartmentalise different people and needs. If, for example, you wanted an emergency email for customers needing urgent contact, you could create Not only does this make it easier for clients trying to contact a particular compartment, but it also makes it easier for the business that wants to organise its communication efforts.

Although business emails are not hosted by big mail companies, they can still be added to platforms like Gmail, Apple mail and Outlook. This way you claim the benefits of a personal email without loosing the ease of organisation with services like google. Alternatively your personal email can also be accessed using a link to your own mail dashboard, giving you complete freedom over your inbox, simultaneously eliminating third-party manipulation. 

If you’ve not got a personal email, setting one up does not have to be a complicated process. When you buy a website domain, you get access to all the features that come with it. If you want someone to take care of the details for you, its simple. I’m here to help in the link below.

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