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Delving Into the field of design

Me and My Philosophy

Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening a store or starting a blog – the fundamental key to success is the art of persuasion. In a first conversation, I always ask my clients what the message is they are trying to get across. For many, it is trust, for others it is strength, and sometimes it is a unique quality. But the ultimate lesson to learn is that the art of persuasion is all dependant on thing, perception, which is the outcome of information received. 

Just as one picks their political party based upon the television channels they listen to, the decision for a customer to take interest in you is predicated upon what they know about the business. Unfortunately, for most businesses without a website, information is limited to a small Facebook page, and so the customer remains uninformed of your existence, thus they pick a major competitor instead. 

That’s where it started, the lesson of persuasion and perception was one that led to my love of design. It was five years ago in my youth that I produced my first ever website, an online store selling phone accessories and tech gadgets. From there I went to build numerous other websites for myself, observing simultaneously how people respond to different messages, colour schemes and various designs. Different writing techniques like direct address and urgency would create serious feedback. 

Ultimately, if your design can convince people you are a professional in the field, trustworthy and simultaneously remind them of the issues causing them trouble, and how you can resolve those issues, you have them listening – intently. That is my ecstasy. My name is Sebastian Smith, using the power and freedom of web design, I like to create psychologically attractive websites that not only convince people you exist, but entice them towards that which you are offering. 

Design by Sebastian was founded this year as my public entrance into website design, extending my artistic ability and my former business education which I pursued at college. Whether businessmen, artists, or writers, many people today are looking for professional channels to share their work. That is where I come in, using various UI/UX tools including WordPress and Adobe XD, I produce websites from start to finish, and hope to develop strong relationship’s with my clients in case they need anything more in the future.

Boundaries are not part of my professional philosophy; if a business needs a booking system, a store, a blog, no matter how simple or complex, it will be added, making more for both the business and its potential customers. For me, working with my clients means working to create seamless, persuasive experiences for those they are trying to attract. Confidence is also crucial to my philosophy, if a customer for whatever reason isn’t pleased, within 30 days of exchange I will give them an honest refund, without clause.

I also produce all my website designs on Adobe XD before clients commit. This way there is no confusion as to what is being created, no tricks, just an honest exchange where the client knows what he is getting before he pays.

It’s the 21st century, people rarely search for businesses through Yellow pages, instead they go straight to their pockets. There they find their phone, and onto the internet they go, searching for whatever it is that will fulfil the desire, or resolve their problem. Every second your business goes websiteless, you miss a chance to develop a loving, financial relationship with a customer. You could have been there, instead they gave their money to your biggest competitor.

That’s why I’m passionate about design. By designing professional websites made for the 21st century, and pairing those with business applications like Google Marketplace and Google Analytics, suddenly a business exists on the only map people care to use: the internet. And because it is all digital, sales, marketing and statistic techniques can all be seen with the click of an app. The future of your business depends on you, if you’re interested in the opportunity, get started with a professional website today. Get Started Here.

The Process

The first process of producing a website is a consultation, this can be done over the phone or over text message. During this stage, you can discuss your needs, your expectations, what you are trying to communicate, as well as ask any questions that need answering. This will give both of us a clear picture of what kind of website is being produced, and from there we will discuss your options and provide a fair price quote.

After I have a good understanding of your needs and what you are trying to achieve, I can move into the second stage, design. During this stage, I will create a rough design of the website in Adobe XD. This process is very flexible, and any changes can be achieved easily. Once the rough design has been agreed upon with the client, I will follow-up with a more detailed design to later be used in the final process. 

Once you are happy with the final design, I will buy the website address domain you requested with a server hosting company. At this stage I install WordPress, the largest website management software in the world, and other various plugins. Once the website is running, I will design each page as shown earlier to you, giving the chance to give feedback.

Once the website is in shape, we will look at the full result and change anything that need be. If you want any additional features such as personal emails or google marketplace optimisation, I will then do as such. Once the website is finished, I will be happy to assist in any future additions or changes, and will frequently keep the site updated. Throughout the entire process, I will keep you updated on the progress. 

Bring your business to life, take the opportunity and get started below. Your customers are waiting.

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